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docks installation company in Panama City, Florida

Docks Options and Styles

We install beautiful docks in and around the Panama City Florida area for homes and businesses.

Enjoy the water in your own backyard with a custom-designed wood dock. Whether you want a floating dock or a conventional wood-framed dock for entertaining guests, fishing, or watching the sunset, let our Mr. Fence of Florida team walk with you through the process of building and installing a new dock.

Floating docks installed in Panama City, Florida

Floating Docks

Mr. Fence of Florida will take your dream of a floating dock and turn it into a reality.

Floating docks are structures that rest on the water's surface and are designed to provide a stable platform for various purposes, such as mooring boats, accessing bodies of water, letting your children jump and play, or creating general recreational spaces. With our high-tech tools, construction knowledge, and quality customer service, you can be sure that your floating dock will look fantastic and perform well in the roughest of conditions.

When you choose a floating dock with Mr. Fence of Florida, you are also receiving a craftsmanship warranty on every inch of your installation. With proper maintenance and care, your floating dock can last well beyond its average lifespan of 20-25 years. Let our experienced sales consultants help you design the dock that you have always dreamt of - we know you deserve it!


We understand the importance of personalization here at Mr. Fence of Florida so let one of our experienced Sales Consultants help you design the pergola to fit your wants and needs.

Stationary Wood Docks

To create excellent stationary wood docks, we take care with careful site planning, high-quality lumber for durability and aesthetics, and a lifetime guarantee on our craftsmanship.

Before starting a stationary wood dock project, our team will visit the site and identify the important factors that can affect proper piling installation, such as water depth, characteristics of the waterway bottom, amount of potential piling penetration, and more. We use the proper equipment and techniques to install dock pilings that are stable and straight.

When you work with a team of professionals, all your dock pilings will line up neatly and give your dock a clean appearance. For the dock's framework, we use the strongest premium lumber available in the industry. Our wood deck materials are premium-grade to create an exceptional finished product and reduce splintering. Best of all, all our wood dock installations are backed by our lifetime craftsmanship guarantee!

Wood docks installed in Panama City, Florida
Composite docks installed in Panama City, Florida

Composite Docks

Our composite docks are made from a blend of recycled plastic and wood, providing a long-lasting and attractive decking solution that requires minimal upkeep, perfect for the demanding coastal environment of the Florida Panhandle.

Composite decking was one of the first artificial deck materials to reach the market in the late 1980s. Over the last several decades, composite materials have evolved with new brands, new ideas, and new technology that meet modern demands for durable and attractive decking and dock materials. The environment in the Florida Panhandle is known for being brutal on most decks and docks, and today's modern composite technology knows how to outsmart the elements.

All of our decks and docks are constructed with joists not to exceed 12" centers. You can rest assured that they will remain sturdy with minimal variations for decades to come. Did we mention that we back all our composite decks with our lifetime craftsmanship warranty? That's right - premium materials, expert installation, and the industry's leading warranty to back up all of our structures.