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Pergolas installed in Panama City, Florida

Arbor Options and Styles

An arbor serves as a focal point in your garden or yard, adding elegance, structure, and a touch of charm to your landscape.

Our expert team at Mr. Fence of Florida is dedicated to creating high-quality arbors for residential properties in the Florida Panhandle. Whether you desire a classic arbor for climbing vines or a modern structure for a contemporary look, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

Vinyl Arbor installed in Panama City, Florida

Olympus Vinyl Arbor

An outdoor Olympus vinyl arbor is a visual enhancement that also serves a purpose in your outdoor space.

An outdoor Olympus vinyl arbor is a visual enhancement while also serving a purpose in your outdoor space. It can provide shelter and shade and can be used to train your roses or vines and create a touch of architectural interest. Our Olympus vinyl arbors are made of 100% virgin PVC with 10 ppm titanium dioxide that acts as a "sunscreen" to prevent the product from breaking down, chalking, and discoloring over time. Olympus arbors are easy to maintain, and they are also fade and rust-resistant.

Our Olympus vinyl arbors can be customized to fit your yard, garden, or business. When choosing an Olympus vinyl arbor, you are getting a quality-built arbor that also adds just the right touch of elegance to your garden or yard and is backed with a lifetime craftsmanship guarantee!

Wood Arbor

Your garden or outdoor space is your sanctuary, and creating your dream space is an essential part of being a homeowner.

Maybe you're considering adding more shade to your backyard and your garden or even thinking about adding an outdoor structure to bring it to the next level. Or perhaps you are looking to add a garden arbor with a gate to limit access, a wood arbor with a bench to read your favorite book, or just add a special touch to your property. Mr. Fence of Florida can help with our wood arbors.

Whatever you're thinking, Mr. Fence of Florida can help you design the perfect wood arbor. There are multiple ways to customize your wood arbor, and with the premium-grade lumber and heavy-duty fasteners that we use here at Mr. Fence of Florida, you can be sure that your wood arbor design will be your new favorite thing on your property!

Wood arbor installed in Panama City, Florida