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Beautiful example of a Rhodes style Aluminum Fence installed in Panama City, Florida

Rhodes Aluminum Fence

The ultimate in elegance and style for your Panama City property.

Olympus Aluminum Rhodes style Fence by Mr. Fence of Florida is the perfect fence for individuals or families with children and animals. Available in 40", 60" and 72" heights, you have multiple options, whether you are using this for your front or back yard. Offered in color options black or bronze, this style aluminum fence is perfect for any residential or business property. Rhodes Aluminum Fence features a reduced picket spacing at the bottom, providing additional safety for both children and pets. Mr. Fence of Florida Olympus Aluminum Fence is covered with a Lifetime Warranty against rust, defects in workmanship, as well as chips cracks and peeling. Rhodes Aluminum Fence is also tested to withstand 3,000 hours of salt spray and high levels of humidity, which is perfect for our Florida homeowners.

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Professional-Grade Features

Isolated Aluminum Fence - Panama City, Florida

Our post caps come in a variety of different styles to give your fence that custom look. Available in black, white and bronze post caps can add the extra curb appeal that you are looking for and will give your fence a custom look! Our post caps are heavy duty and come with a lifetime warranty!

Our fence rails are a standard 1 (.060" side wall) x 1" (.055" top wall) and are made with an exclusive HS-35 Aluminum alloy. We back all of our aluminum fences with a lifetime warranty, so you can be assured to know your new fence will remain rust and scratch resistant.

Our aluminum pickets are thicker and stronger than most aluminum fence options on the market. Our fence pickets are a standard 5/8 with a .050 wall thickness! Like our rails, our pickets are also made with an exclusive HS-35 aluminum alloy and are backed with a lifetime warranty. This quality ensures your fence will survive the challenging weather that is so common in the Panama City, Florida region.

Like our rails and pickets, our posts are also made with an exclusive HS-35 aluminum alloy and are backed with a lifetime warranty.

Our post options allow for you to really customize the look and overall curb appeal of your project. The fence post and its overall strength directly attribute to the lifespan and durability of your fence, we offer fence posts in a variety of sizes.

  • 2" sq. x .060" wall (standard) or .125" wall
  • 2.5" sq. x .075" wall or .125" wall
  • 3" sq. x .090" wall or .125" wall
  • 4" sq. x .125" wall

Learn More About our Top-Quality Aluminum Fences

If you are looking for an elegant, maintenance-free fence that allows for a great view beyond your yard, our aluminum powder coated fences provide maximum protection against rust, scratches, corrosion and color fading. Our aluminum pickets, rails and post caps are thicker and stronger than most aluminum fence options on the market, and are all backed with a lifetime warranty. For a custom look, we have many post cap options. Customize your fence with decorative post caps for the curb appeal you're looking for.

Aluminum fencing comes in many different heights and lengths across the Panama City, Florida area. Most styles of aluminum fence come anywhere from 4 feet tall up to 8 feet. Height options we have for residential aluminum fences are 48", 54", 57", 60", and 72". Aluminum fence section lengths also vary depending on the style. Our fence experts can help you choose the right size for your situation by also ensuring that you are in compliance with all local codes.

Yes, we can certainly show you which aluminum fence options will be able to meet your local pool codes in Panama City and surrounding towns. Some of the specifications include a 54" height for all gate latches and usually must be at least 4 feet tall. If you like the 2-rail or 3-rail aluminum fences, you must have 46" between the bottom rail and the middle rail to prevent children from climbing over it. We will be glad to help you choose an aluminum fence that works best for your pool area.

Aluminum fencing is an easy material to maintain. The aluminum will not rust, so using water and regular household cleaning products will keep it in good condition for many years. If you notice any stains, you can also simply use warm water and gentle dish soap to clean it off. Our Panama City customers are often glad they chose aluminum fencing weather for their home or business property.

No, we offer multiple styles of aluminum fencing for our Florida customers. Check out our aluminum fence page for more details on the variety that is available, or call our office and speak to one of our fence experts who will be happy to discuss all options with you.

On average, aluminum fencing in Florida will last up to 20 years. We use Jerith Aluminum fence for many of our aluminum fence supplies. As a leading manufacturer of quality fence products, Jerith Manufacturing Co., Inc. warrants that the FencCoat finish on its aluminum fences will not peel, crack, chip, or blister for as long as you own the product. Jerith also warrants that its aluminum fences will be free from defects in workmanship and materials for the same period, and they will never rust.

Aluminum fencing is the best choice for a strong protective border that lasts in the Panama City region. With features like low-maintenance and styles that work in nearly any situation, aluminum fences can be the perfect choice for your property needs.

No question! Our aluminum fencing material provides high-quality, long-lasting finish that is tested to withstand 3,000 hours of salt spray and high levels of humidity. It is a perfect choice for the coastal climates of Florida and all around Panama City.

The best way to care for your aluminum fence in the Panama City area is simple! Rinsing it with a garden hose every now and then is all the maintenance you should need for your aluminum fence. If debris, like grass or dirt, has built up, simply wipe it down with soapy water to look as good as new. Over time, some hardware around the gate may need a replacement, but other than that, your aluminum fence will practically take care of itself.

There's a lot to love about an aluminum fence - the sleek look, the maintenance-free luxury, and of course, the unsurpassed durability! The other thing most Panama City property owners love about this material is the aluminum fence lifespan, which is on average, about 20 years.

No, there are multiple height options for aluminum fencing ranging anywhere from 4' to 8' depending on the style and your preference. Give our office a call and our fence professionals can listen to what you're looking for and recommend some great options you will love.

Aluminum fencing can resemble wrought iron fences in style, but the main differences are that aluminum requires less maintenance and is often more economical for many property owners in Panama City, Florida.

If your fence line bends, the sections can easily be angled in the posts to follow most curves. For a very tight curve, just cut the sections in half and put another post between the two sections. The sections themselves can not be bent without ruining their structural integrity however.

Most of our standard aluminum fence sections can follow the contour of the ground. This is called either raking or racking. The fences drop about one foot over the 6' length of a section. If a greater slope is needed, sections can be specially fabricated as "double-punched sections" to traverse a 45 degree angle. Patriot Fence and Regency "Plus" styles can not rake at all, while Concord, Lexington, and 400 Series fence can only rake about 6 inches over their length.

For Ovation, Encore, Regency, and Patriot, the posts should be spaced 72" on-center. Industrial fence posts need a 71-1/2" spacing on-center, while residential fences have a 72-1/2" post spacing.

Our aluminum fence options come in either black or bronze for properties all across the Panama City, Florida area. Finials, ball caps and scrolls are also available in a gold finish, as well as black, white or bronze.

Speak to one of our knowledgeable fence pros today for all options you can choose from to meet your aluminum fencing needs. To view our aluminum fence brochure, contact our sales team or visit our yard location, to see samples in person.

Yes, but there are two conditions that must be met. We can only coat custom colors from October to March (our slow season) and the job must have at least 1,000 feet of fence. Also, since custom colors can not undergo the same testing that our standard colors have passed, we can only guarantee the finish for 5 years.

***Delgard & Ultra Aluminum have additional standard colors at no extra charge.

Yes, we have wall mount castings that allow the fence sections to connect to any flat surface. These fit over the ends of the rails and attach to the flat surface with two screws. We also have adjustable wall mounts if you need to come off the flat surface at an angle up to 45 degrees.

The distance between columns is the standard post spacing multiplied by the number of sections you want between the columns, less the width of one post. For example, for three Ovation sections between columns, 3 sections times 72" (the standard post spacing) minus 2" for the post, equals 214" (17'-10") between columns, not 18' as you might expect.

To fasten a post onto a concrete slab, we recommend that you core-drill the concrete if possible. We do offer deck mount castings; however, they should not be used on fences over 48" tall.

Yes, you can. Whether you want an entirely automatic gate or just the gate operator, they can be added to your fence project for installation in Florida. The best way to find out the exact options is to talk to one of our fence professionals for more details.

All sections & gates are shipped assembled. Certain styles require finials and/or loops to be installed in the field. We can send sections broken down for UPS shipping for an additional charge of $10.00 per section plus the normal UPS charges. Gates always ship by freight and cannot be broken down for field assembly.

Yes, aluminum fences can easily be safe for your pet, no matter what size. Aluminum fences can be installed with pickets that are closer together at the bottom, helping keep your animal safely inside your Panama City yard.

Self-closing and self-latching hardware are included in the gate prices, except for the Estate Gate prices which only include hinges. Gates over 60" wide are not guaranteed to self-close due to the size.

Our swing gates are sold by their opening size, so a 48" gate fits into a 48" opening between posts. The gates will hang flush with the face of the hinge post and latch onto the face of the opposite post.

Any two gates can be combined to make a double drive gate. When you need a double drive gate, notify our Customer Service Department and we will supply two drop rod assemblies at no charge. Double gates are also made to fit a given opening size, so a 12' double drive gate will fit inside a 12' opening.

For a single gate only, you will need to allow 1-1/2" extra to attach the latch keeper onto the column. (So, a 48" gate needs a 49-1/2" opening.) Let your Customer Service Representative know when you are ordering a gate for this type of installation, and they will supply you with a small piece of aluminum channel to attach the keeper to the middle of the column. For large industrial gates, you will have to cut off one side of the hinge to mount it on the column.

Special width and/or height gates are available. We need the exact opening size to fabricate the gate correctly. To calculate the cost for a special width gate, the price of the next widest standard gate and add $100 per leaf. Special height gates (up to 6' wide) are priced as the next tallest gate plus a $125 charge per leaf. These costs are cumulative, so a 59" wide x 45" tall gate would cost $225 more than a 60" x 48" gate.

Specially punched posts can be fabricated for an additional $20 per post. A sketch is required before these posts can be made. If you need a standard pattern on a longer or shorter post, there is only a $5 charge as long as the pattern begins at the top of the post (for example: a 58" post punched for 48" high fence).

To do this, you must order blank (unpunched) posts and attach the rails of the sections to them using the appropriate wall mounts.

We supply a small bottle of touch-up paint with most orders to cover minor nicks and damage that may occur in-transit at no charge. There are also cans of spray paint available for purchase. Do not use these air-dry paints to cover large areas because they will weather and fade at a different rate than our FenceCoat powder-coated finish. We do NOT guarantee these paints for this reason.

The maximum distance between columns is the standard post spacing times the number of sections between the columns minus the width of one post. For example, if you want to space your columns so that three Residential sections fit between the, take 3 times the post spacing of 72-1/2" minus one 2" post:(3 x 72.5") - 2" = 215.5" or 17' 11-1/2" between columns

For Industrial Strength fence this opening would need to be:
(3 x 71.5") - 2.5" = 212" or 17' 8" between columns

To fasten posts to a concrete slab, we always recommend that you core drill the concrete. If this is not feasible, then you may be able to use our deck mounts. These aluminum castings fit inside the bottom of a post and secure it. Since deck mounts fit inside posts, fence styles with bottom rails may not work properly since the rails will be in the way. You must supply four stainless steel bolts to attach the deck mount to the concrete itself. DO NOT USE DECK MOUNTS ON FENCES TALLER THAN 4' HIGH OR FOR GATE POSTS! THEY WILL FAIL!

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